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Tinder has got to be one of the most talked about apps of the last 4 years, at least within my friendship circle.

Before we start discussing the hilarity of Tinder as a dating app, I must disclose that I have never downloaded it, despite drunkenly swiping for friends on numerous occasions. (I’m a modern day cupid I tell you).

Most of my friends have tried it at least once and have given mixed reviews. Their experiences range from ‘I love it’; ‘it’s essentially an app to find a booty call’ to ‘you have to push through the bad dates to get a good one’. Everyone is certainly jumping in feet first. The one thing their dating stories tell me? Tinder is freaking hilarious.

Everyone is certainly jumping in feet first. The one thing their dating stories tell me? Tinder is freaking hilarious.

Meeting strangers through an app has allowed people to use their A-Game like never before. What better way to try out all your freaky lines? Aren’t most of us just looking for someone who will laugh at our jokes? Yes, there’s always the chance that our favourite comedian may be a witty murderer, but live life on the edge people!

Tinder has given the world the opportunity to create a variety of hilarious commentary pieces and spin-offs. There is even an Instagram account called Tinder Nightmares where people send in their most disastrous Tinder conversations for the world to see.

Not only does it seem to provide unlimited comedic material but also has some touchingly, genuine human moments.

Of course, there are always freaks in the dating scene. But what is life without a bit of ‘whip cream’?

I’m willing to speculate that the very nature of Tinder, with its gamified design and ability to let you swipe someone out of your life, turns many users into freaks. The side of us that rarely sees the light of day is somehow ever present in the online space.

As the trolls know, the power of anonymity allows you to say the most heinous things. The question is — is your inner-freak growing with each click of the keyboard?

Online dating is no longer considered an unconventional way to meet your future partner. All of us probably know couples who have swiped their way to romance. When looking for love, you will always have to dredge through the undesirables but for those who are busy swiping their way to the next booty call, romance or dinner date; please don’t let the comedy be lost on you.

The reality is that when looking for love, we will always have to dredge through the undesirables. For those who are out there braving the freaks on the Tinder scene, do the rest of us a favour and enjoy the comedy as well as the booty calls.

Have you got a hilarious Tinder moment to share? What are your thoughts on the app? Tell me in the comments.

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