About Carmen

Visual artist and writer based in Illawarra, Australia.

About Carmen

Carmen is an award winning artist currently working out of the Timbermill Studios. Known for her hand printed black and white prints and her love of expressionism, Carmen was raised in an artist community in Melbourne. Carmen’s practice and the evolution of her process has roots in Australian modernism, environmentalism, surrealism and psychology. She is inspired by the natural world and our communion with it. Her love of form and abstract expressionism is the driving force behind her practice. Her bold, balanced, line work is heightened by the physical process of creating and she embraces the imperfect physicality of hand printing.

You can find Carmen’s work at her Timbermill Studio (Studio 10) and the Timbermill Gallery.
She has an upcoming residency and exhibition at The Creative Container in Wollongong from the 13th June 2022 – 26th June.

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1989
Lives and works in Illawarra, Dharawal Country NSW

Winner in the Thirroul Art Prize (2022)
Winner of the Global Environmental Journalism Scholarship, Monash University (2010)
Emerging Artist Award, Melbourne Holocaust Museum JHC (2006)
Mary Kavanagh Award, Presentation College (2006)

Timbermill Studio ~ Studio 10

Jamberoo ~ (handprinted) ink on archival paper
artist print Waterfall lino print
Waterfall ~ (hand printed) Ink on archival paper