Half a Uterus.

I’m on the internet a lot. People think my job is hanging out on Facebook and Twitter and finding hilarious things for them to laugh at. I won’t go into it now (get excited about lots of work talk later) but that’s not all I do. Some times, when the mood strikes me, I enter a competition. That’s right kids, when you are on the pulse of social media, you can win free stuff, which is awesome. Because everyone loves free stuff.Image

 Anyway, the sole reason I entered this competition was because they asked me to send an email with the subject title ‘Half A Uterus’. It was an awesome tagline and because the person who was running the competition sounded hilarious and someone I would probably enjoy. I entered.  


2 thoughts on “Half a Uterus.

  1. Haha this is just awesome!! Did you finish your spag Bol? I don’t think I could 🙂

    Something that shocked me was I never knew a part of your heart does when you have a heart attack!! Literally dies! Crazy

  2. HAHA Awesome! Did you finish the spag bol?
    Something that shocked me was that when you have a heart attack a part of your heart dies literally!

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