You Learn Something New…

It’s a Sunday night, Masterchef is on and my housemates and I are drinking tea, wondering why Alice hasn’t been eliminated yet and looking up hilarious videos of cats. Just your average Sunday night.

Max is on his laptop and he is naming his Fantasy Football team. I like NFL Fantasy Football, it’s not AFL, reminds me of Bromance, men with no necks and large thighs showering and The League. ( A semi-scripted comedy about, you guessed it, a Fantasy Football league.)

Every year Max names his team after a weird sex move. I don’t know why, but he thinks it gives his team a winning quality. Previous team names have included; The Rusty Trombones, Cincinnati Bowties and the Dirty Sanchez’s. Last year the Dirty Sanchez’s won the Super Bowl.

Every year at Fantasy Football time, I learn things I wish I could forget. But it’s not like that, is it? You have to share your disturbing news, tell everyone else you know and then, you aren’t alone….

This year the team name is:

What is the old Kennebunkport Surprise? What is a Cthulhu and why is it spelt that way? That’s for you to find out, but until then, here is the least inappropriate of the descriptions I found.

 After months at sea, the old sailor gave the prostitute the old Kennebunkport Surprise, effectively combining the two things he loved most in this world: pussy and clam chowder.

And now dear reader, I am not alone…

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